Become Involved in Order to Affect Change

The expression, “I’m just one person, what can I do?” is both true and false. It takes a team to make something happen. There is the false. Without the vision, which often comes from one person, what can the masses gather around? We absolutely need more people involved at every level. It is possible that you are the very person we need.

Let’s be clear, we are all able to be involved at different levels. There are folks who are able to donate a special skill such as expert legal analysis. Others may have money and can help fund the movement. Others are only able to attend conference calls. There are others who spread the word through writing articles or meeting with legislators and other critical individuals.  All of these individuals are critical to the success OR failure of our organization.

What will it take to bring out change and improve the lives of registrants? How can you help?

Donate a skill (volunteer) to NARSOL or an affiliate.

It is probably obvious that legal expertise is always in high demand, but even lawyers need other skill-sets to support them. A lawyer who spends all his or her time trying to make a website isn’t doing the legal work required to support the client. Without marketing, no one knows the legal representation is there. Both are equally important.

Donate money

During the presidential campaign, one candidate had an average donation of $26.00, yet that candidate was able to raise millions of dollars. NARSOL and the affiliates need money. Plain and simple –  Money moves mountains.  Even a contribution of $1.00 is helpful. Perhaps you could make a monthly donation of a small amount. Maybe you could contribute $100.00 More will always be better, but anything is better than nothing. You can set up a one time, or recurring donation here and here.


Many of us cannot vote. However, nearly every one of us who is a registrant has family and friends who are able to vote. Research the candidate who would be most receptive to changes and spread the word for that person. One place to do such research is here. You can also find out who your representative is here. Set up a meeting with your representative to discuss the issues. A helpful video presentation can be found here.

Attend calls and functions

NARSOL has a back catalog of webinars and calls that go into depth about subjects like the legislative process (found here). On an ongoing basis, NARSOL hosts calls and webinars that can give us all the education needed to advance our position. You can sign up to get notices both here and here and here.

NARSOL hosts an annual conference in various cities around the country. The upcoming one is June 2-4 in Atlanta, GA. The conference is a great opportunity to meet people who are involved. It is awesome to find out that you are not alone and that there are people in your corner trying to make life better. The conference is a great place to learn how you can help the cause. You can register here.


Engagement on our blog with our constituents helps amplify a skill-set or contacts that would be valuable.

Make a difference.  Become involved today. We need you and you need us.

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