March National RSOL in Action

March RSOL in Action

Monday, March 14, 2016

7 p.m. Eastern time

This is your second notice of an extremely important conference call. This month’s call will focus on two very important pending court cases: 

  • International Megan’s Law challenge currently pending in the U.S District Court, Northern District of California; and
  • The ACLU’s lawsuit in Rhode Island pending in U.S. District Court, District of Rhode Island. 

Our special guests will be Janice Bellucci, CA RSOL President, and Steve Brown, Executive Director of the ACLU of Rhode Island. General Q & A will follow after each report. Everyone is invited to listen in on the call. 

We ask that you sign up


 if you plan to attend so that we have some idea how many participants to expect.The phone number is 641 715-3660 followed by access code 957605#. 

RSOL does not in any way condone sexual activity between adults and children, nor does it condone any sexual activity that would break laws in any state. We do not advocate lowering the age of consent, and we have no affiliation with any group that does condone such activities.

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